All the questions parents and students have about RND's A-Head Start are answered.

1. Do students wear a uniform?

        No.  Students should wear appropriate summer attire that allows for physical activities.  Runners are recommended. 

2. Is transportation provided by the school?

No.  Parents are responsible for transportation to and from school. Some car pooling is common from far distances.

3.  Is the school cafeteria open for lunch?

No.  It is recommended that students bring a bagged lunch since the school cafeteria is not open and students are discouraged from leaving school for lunch without a parent's note (to Mr. Santos).  Since there are no senior students at the local venues, until regular school starts it is recommended ninth graders eat lunch within the school. 

A-Head Start will provide a light snack and drink at no cost.

4.  Will students get lockers and textbooks?

Yes.  Students will get their locks and lockers on the first day as long as they bring the textbook cheque deposit of $100 payable to RND postdated February, 2018 and the $60cash (TBA - student activities fee).  This latter fee will cover student activities planned for ninth graders, freshman Panther T-shirt, lock and locker fee, and yearbook.

Parents should send these moneys in a sealed envelope with their child's name on the first day of A-Head Start.  Students must hold onto envelope until their class is taken to the office in alphabetical order.  A specificclassroom teacher at the appropriate time will take the class to pay fees and get their locks and textbooks. This helps the main office collect fees and distribute locks in an efficient manner. Later in the week, students will get Panther T-shirts.

5.  When will the students get their A-Head Start schedule?

In the first couple of weeks of August student schedules will be mailed to the address on record at the time of registration.  If you change address or telephone number during the summer please contact the main office (613-545-1902) or write to Mr. Santos (santosh@alcdsb.on.ca).

If your child is coming from a non-feeder school, it is imperative we have his/her grade 8 math marks at the end of June by sending or faxing a photocopy of the grade 8 report card care of Mr. Santos or by going online to re-register with the grade 8 math marks.  Each student schedule is individually prepared according to their needs in mathematics. The student schedule is not sent home without this information because with only one week to teach the students, it is critical that we design their schedules to their needs.  This is to ensure the smoothest transition into high school.

6.  Will there be any tests, homework or grades?

No. There are no official tests, required homework assignments, nor will any grades be assigned.  Students are encouraged to complete the questions on the distributed handouts to prepare better for high school.  The more practice students do, the greater ahead start students will have.  They get the most out of the program when they give their best effort. 

7.  Should parents call school if their child is ill or will be absent on a certain day?

Yes.  We would like to know if child is going to be absent.  Please call 613-545-1902 Ext 2234.  Attendance is taken by the teacher each period, and if a student is absent, a phone call home will be made.

If a student needs to leave earlier for an appointment, please send a note for Mr. Santos with the studentor call in advance (613-545-1902 Ext 2234) in order for students to sign out earlier.  This way we not be worried about their absence from any particular class.

8.  Can students meet with a counsellor to check or change their grade 9 timetable?

Yes.  We provide the opportunity for students to book appointments with a counsellor to address any concerns or to change their timetable.

9.  Will students & parents have the opportunity to pick up or place orders for regular uniforms?

Yes.  Specific hours and days will be announced in the letter that will be sent home in the first couple of weeks of August.

10.  Where do the students go on the first day?

On the first day, all students must arrive by 8:15 am in order to receive the complete set of instructions.  We all meet in the gymnasium as the background photo illustrates.  An administrator will give the students a warm welcome before they are introduced to their first period teachers. Students who may have misplaced their A-Head Start schedule or never got one in the mail can line to get another one in the gymnasium.  Any student who registers at the last minute will have to wait a little while for a schedule to be created and printout for the new student.  For this reason, it is very wise to register with the majority of the students before the deadline. 

11.  Can students with allergies or special needs attend?

Yes absolutely.  We make every effort to accommodate and to support students with special needs.  Please write to Mr. Santos (santosh@alcdsb.on.ca) in June or July with the appropriate information.  If your child is coming from a feeder school and has an IEP, Mr. Santos will have this information already.  We normally place additional peer tutors to support students with an IEP.