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Winners of the Scavenger Hunts 2015

Congratulations to this year`s winners of the A-Head Start Scavenger Hunts.  Over 80 teams participated each day learning about RND,  The top 8 teams won a pizza party on Friday, Sept 18, 2015 at lunch time in room 234.

Netflix and Chill (Lucy, Jodie, Kayley, Zack) - Top Score 109

Lady Panthers(Neve, Liz, Michaela)

Garnet and Gold (Jesse, Kylie, Carly)

SMJ Mafia

Dream Team:(Grace, Parker, Hannah, Jack)


Iron Man (Diana, Yara, Danielle, Christina)  (Scored 91)

Alpha Wolf Squad(Scored 91)

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Great Success

RND`s 2015 A-Head Start had great start on Monday, August 31, 2015 with over 250 students in attendance.  Thanks to the dedicated staff and loyal mathletes for their commitment to helping new Panthers transition into high school through literacy and numeracy.

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Letters & Registrations

Letters and Registration form for regular feeder schools have been sent to elementary schools.  Grade 8 teachers are distributing them out this week.  Please return these to teacher by June 10th or do online registration.

Students from non-feeder schools such Calvin Park, Rideau Heights, etc have been sent the registration form directly home.  Please return the form to RND by June 16th or do the online registration.

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